Meet The Founder

Meet our founder PRIYANKA SINGH
In 2021  She crafted her hobbie into business. Travelling to south india she met some of small weavers , impressed by the quality and the hard efforts those weavers put in for making those products. From intricate chikankari works of lucknow to kanjivaram sarees of south india, she connected all the small weavers and manfucaturers , who were facing a hard time in introducing themselves to the world. Giving them a big platform to showcase their art.
Presently working with more then 100 different artisans from lucknow, jaipur, kanchipuram .
Her principle orignated from the thought that fashion should be affordable for all and it should depict diverse culture of this country thats why KAUZEYA depicts little bit of every state , gotta patti work from haryana and rajasthan, chikankari works of lucknow, and intricate silk collection of south india. Moulding the cultural diversity into fashion, presenting KAUZEYA to the world she feels absoulte joyfull and confident and wants the women of kauzeya to feel the same.
Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

Priyanka Singh

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